Book of

The choose your own adventure DJ performance

Where Disc Jockey and Dungeon Master are one and the same, but not necessarily the same person.

A dynamic DJ performance meets choose your own adventure story for lovers of music, Dungeons and Dragons and metafiction.

Upcoming Shows:

Sunday 30th June and Sunday 28th July – Fringe Common Rooms

What is the Book of Divergence?

The Book of Divergence is a series of choose-your-own-adventure stories, told through live mixed music and reinforced with performances of different masked characters by Matt Frequencies.
Each story has four different endings for the audience to discover, and seeing an ending rewards inserts for the Artefact of Divergence, a keychain designed and made by Matt Frequencies. Having inserts for the keychain rewards additional voting power during the choice process.

A creative set that speaks a story of human possibility and potential!

Available Chapters

A tree diagram presenting the choice path for Chapter 1 - Duality. The first choice is between Chaos and Order. Chaos leads to Hell or War and Order leads to Insanity or Love. Behind the tree is the symbol for Duality - the yin yang in blue and gold


A celestial sermon at the Church of Bass, exploring the dual nature of mankind. Father Mathew, DJ of order, asks the audience to reckon with Brother Seth, the DJ of chaos. But Seth has an ulterior motive for coming to Earth today, and the Glitch awaits… Endings to this set may see the crowd travel to hell, fight in a war on earth, send a character insane, or elevate someone to transcendence.
Show Synopsis

A tree heirarchy showing the paths for chapter 2 - Unlike you. The first choice is between Boo or The DJ. For the Boo path the choices are Truth or Power. For the DJ arm the choices are Acceptance or Denial. Behind the tree is the symbol for Unlike you; a half sun and half moon joined vertically down their centres.

Unlike You

Boo, DJ of Primalism, and The DJ, DJ of Sass, have been invited to one of Father Mathew’s regular doof sermons at the Church of Bass. Each vies for the audience’s approval, and as the story unfolds we explore their past motivations and future destinies. Endings to this set may see the audience elevate someone to unholy power, free them from their past, reach a new level of acceptance, or submit to an overdose of bass.


Show Synopsis

The paths for Chapter 3 - Corruption. No choices available as the set is still in development. The background is a gold question mark inside a blue circle


In development – a set exploring the effects of The Glitch and the outcomes of the chapters of Unlike You and Duality. This set will be unlocked when all endings for the previous chapters have been played at least once.


Show Synopsis

Collect The Artefact of Divergence

The Artefact is a special item that is to be constructed over multiple viewings of the Book. It consists of a base Keychain with the Book of Divergence logo, and four spots for inserts. Inserts are given at the end of each performance, and correspond to whichever set and ending was played that session.
Each chapter of the book has a unique pattern of inserts, and inserts grant the holder additional voting power during the selection times at the book performances.

Meet the Characters

Normally we’d do some introductions, but the characters want to do it themselves-

Brother Seth

Hi! I’m Brother Seth! DJ of CHAOS and second discordant of Hell! Metal, rock, jungle and, well, CHAOS, is my game – and don’t let that make you think I can’t drop a little hard trance from time to time, but don’t go expecting anything like any old boring transition between songs!

Father Mathew

Father Mathew here at the keys, first chord of the Church of Bass and DJ of Order. Trance, techno, drum and bass and orderly rock and roll are my domain. I’d prefer a smooth transition that keeps the floor moving, thank you!

Yes, well.

The DJ

Darlings, both of you are so up yourselves I can see your toes from your nose. I go simply by The DJ, and I bring the sassiest of sass, the hippest of hop, while pounding the crowd’s brains out with my giant, oversized bass house. What, you thought I was talking about something else? Please, some of the most beautiful women in the world have GIGANTIC USB drives.


Sister Boo

Especially “The DJ”. Can you just… not? Sister Boo here, DJ of Passion. I don’t really have a favourite style, I just like music that has a big emotional voice, after all isn’t that what music is about? I don’t know, it feels like we’ve lost something recently and I’d like to find it.

Ugh. You lot.

The Glitch

Pathetic mortals, all of you. The Glitch will have you. All of music is my domain. All your bass belongs to me. You have no chance. Make your time.

Pathetic mortals

The Man Behind the Masks

I am a beard of fire, a crowd of personalities and a broken body wrapped up in an entertainment package that presents in a way that is hard to ignore.

As a disabled entertainer, I am permanently coming up with creative ways to work around my limitations, which inspires my art and performance.

The characters in The Book of Divergence are embodiments of the different aspects of my personality and neurodivergences. They are me and I am them.

– Matt

Upcoming Shows


The Book @ Fringe Common Rooms


- 28-07-2024

Fringe Common Rooms


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Frequently Asked Questions


If you’re the sort of person that comes and goes during a movie at the cinema, sure! We really couldn’t recommend it though, you’ll miss out on story and voting opportunities.

By and large, the Book of Divergence is built on remixes of video game and pop culture music in a variety of genres. Depending on the performance, there may be:

  • hip hop
  • trance
  • techno
  • hardstyle
  • drum and bass
  • jungle
  • rock and roll
  • metal
  • dubstep
  • chiptunes

From start to finish, The Book of Divergence has a runtime of 60-65 minutes, but please arrive early to ensure we can set you up with the voting system, and allow a little time at the end as you may wish to collect and upgrade your Artefact of Divergence!