Disciple of Divergence!

You have just taken your first step on a musical adventure of Chaos, Order, Truth, Power and much more.

Will you be determined enough to understand The Book of Divergence in all its forms?

Disciple of Divergence!

You have just taken your first step on a musical adventure of Chaos, Order, Truth, Power and much more.

Will you be determined enough to understand The Book of Divergence in all its forms?

The Artefacts of Divergence

Congratulations on reciving your first fragment, the journey to collect The Artefacts of Divergence has begun.
The Artefacts are special items that are constructed over multiple viewings of the Book. Each Artefact consists of a base Keychain with the Book of Divergence logo, and four spots for fragment pieces.
Each chapter of the book has a unique pattern of fragments, your can mix and match fragments from each chapter or work to collect a complete set of each.

Completing your Artefact

Fragments are given at the end of each performance, and correspond to whichever chapter and ending was played for that performance.

To complete The Artefact for a given chapter you’ll need to see all four endings. Don’t worry, no two performances of The Book are the same, the beginning and middle always come with surprise twists and turns for repeat performances.

You’ll need to work with your fellow Disciples of Divergence to arrange the outcomes you need to complete the Artifact!

A photo showing The Artefacts of Divergence. There are three tear drop shaped keychains in a row. The first keychain features a blue and gold ying yang symbol in a semi translucent keychain. The middle is an empty keychain in a pale silver marbled plastic. The third keychain base is the same as the first, this time containing a half sun and half moon symbol.

Register you progress

By registering as a Disciple and tracking your artefact’s progress, you gain access to:
  • A visual record of which inserts you have collected,
  • Free replacements for damaged or lost inserts and bases,
  • Written story chapters to provide additional background,
  • Hints to help you complete your artefact, and
  • The option to select a new, specially coloured artefact base to show your devotion to order, chaos, or other forces…
The power of Divergence awaits. Will you claim it?

Disciple Perks

Being a Disciple of Divergence comes with benefits 

Stronger Spirit Power 

Each fragment grants the holder additional voting power during the selection times at the book performances. Simply show your existing Artefact at the door to have your spirit strengthened

Unlock additional content

The back of each fragment is stamped with a special character. Once all fragements for a chapter are assembled, the characters form a special code. The code will allow access to a Disciples only ares of the website (coming in late 2024).

Planned content:

  • Relive the stories by playing the mini sets back as complete recordings complete with choice points
  • Delve deeper and experience The Book of Divergence as a proper choose your own adventure ebook.
  • More perks to come

Watch the Book online

The Book of Divergence is a semi-regular feature of Matt Frequencies’ live streams.  In the future you may be able to redeem fragments by partcipating in online performances.

Current Streaming Schedule: Friday 11am AEST on Twitch and YouTube

A screen caputure showing Brother Seth during a live streamed performance. Poll results for the choices War or Hell are in the top left corner of the screen.

Join your fellow disciples

Completing your Artefacts will require teamwork with fellow disciples to ensure the endings you need are chosen.

We’ve set up a Discord community where you can meet other Disciples, talk all things The Book of Divergence and organise yourselves ahead of performances.

The Matt Frequencies Discord community will also be the place to keep track of which endings and chapters of The Book have been unlocked. Along with other story related content. 

Keeping up to date

We’re sure you’re wondering when you can get your hands on more fragments. Never fear Father Mathew has you covered.

Social Media

Follow The Book of Divergence and Matt Frequencies on your preferred social channel(s) below. Not only will you find out about upcoming performances but you’ll also get behind the scenes content and sneak peeks at future chapters.


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