Event Description

Presenting: The Book of Divergence, a new take on DJing from the “only a couple of screws short of a toolbox” brain of Matt Frequencies!

In this choose your own adventure DJ performance, you’ll be in charge of where the musical story goes.

Will you end up at war with the machines on earth, or even hell, following Brother Seth into a heavy metal, drum and bass mechanical nightmare?

Perhaps you’ll find peace following the teachings of Father Mathew, in a trance and euphoric dance sermon from the Church of Bass?

Or maybe, MAYBE, you’ll descend into a glitched, dubstepped, violin orchestral journey through INSANITY as you try to escape the Glitch’s grasp!

One thing is for sure, with a supporting short story from the incredible local talent of DV5K (30th June) or Kaizo_Trap (28th July), the afternoon is sure to bring surprises to everyone in the room – including the DJs!

Come discover The Book of Divergence and dance in on a sermon at the Church of Bass – the power is in your hands…

In this event:

  • 1x 30 minute short story
  • 1x 60 minute sermon of the Book of Divergence (the chapter: Duality)
  • Post-performance stick around as you’ll be offered the Artifact of Divergence, a special item that you can improve over time…


Note that there is NO FOOD OR DRINK offered at this event and we request no food brought in – dance floors and burgers don’t mix!

Come with a mind to follow the narrative and participate, and you’ll get the most out of your experience – this is not a passive event.

Short Stories by


Hailing from Melbourne, dv5k is an up-and-coming Happy Hardcore Artist who brings a chaotic and energetic approach to the decks.

With his unique mixing styles and live-mashups landing him a runner-up place for his stage at YourShot 2023, dv5k has since played events opening for artists like Unicorn on Ketamine and supporting the OneSeventy crew in there PHD-run Melbourne Takeover last year.


Get ready to meet KaizoTrap, the electrifying new force in the drum and bass scene! In just a few months, she’s taken Adelaide by storm, bringing an energy and style that are nothing short of infectious. KaizoTrap made her mark after participating in the YourShot competition in 2023, and she hasn’t slowed down since.

No matter if she’s playing an underground rave or your local beer garden, her sets are a whirlwind of high-energy that will keep you on your toes, grinning from ear to ear.

With each show, she’s not just playing music; she’s creating an experience and not afraid to bring her own unique flair to the table.

Keep an eye on KaizoTrap—she’s just getting started, and about to take 2024 by storm!

Matt Frequencies

I am a beard of fire, a crowd of personalities and a broken body wrapped up in an entertainment package that presents in a way that is hard to ignore.

As a disabled entertainer, I am permanently coming up with creative ways to work around my limitations, which inspires my art and performance.

The characters in The Book of Divergence are embodiments of the different aspects of my personality and neurodivergences. They are me and I am them.

– Matt

Key Info


Fringe Common Rooms


Sunday June 30th

Sunday July 28th


12:45 pm


1:00 pm


From $15 +booking fee


Fringe Common Rooms

Address: Corner Lygon and, Victoria St, Carlton VIC 3053


The Book of Divergence includes stage lighting that is intended to be a sensory friendly lighting experience. However, if you are concerned about the lighting effects please let us know so we can work with you! Strobe and laser effects are NOT utilised during the performance.


A note on venue accessibility from Melbourne Fringe:

“Melbourne Fringe is committed to access and inclusion for all people. We believe in the Social Model of Disability, where disability is caused by a society and environment with physical, attitudinal, communication and social barriers. It’s our responsibility to make sure our venue, Fringe Common Rooms and our Festival reduces these barriers to enable full participation by all people.”


Access to Trades Hall and Fringe Common Rooms:

“Please note that the external Lygon Street lift is currently out of order.

For step free access to Fringe Common Rooms, please call the Duty Manager on 0451 232 089 upon your arrival at Trades Hall and a staff member will guide you to the alternative step free entrance to Trades Hall. Once inside the building, there is a fully operational internal lift to reach level 1 and Fringe Common Rooms.

We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience.”

For more information on accessibility at Fringe Common Rooms please see their website